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Sync Gallery Presents: Pam Fortner

Pam Fortner

Show Title: Enigma

Exhibition Statement

Much of Pam Fortner’s work is an enigma - perplexing and fanciful; yet vaguely familiar. It evokes forms that surround us, forms seen every day, but at such a minuscule scale that they often exist unnoticed.

Pam is inspired by the minutiae of nature and draws from the anatomy and structure of living things for her artwork. Her creative process is enigmatic. At the point of conception, her ideas are whimsical and mysterious - seemingly impossible to bring into physical form. She approaches each idea as if it were a puzzle to be worked out. With her unconventional combination of welding and bookbinding skills, Pam solves the conundrum. The use of steel provides a sturdy architecture on which she binds paper allowing her to magnify the scale of her pieces from the minute to the fantastic.

With this exhibit, Pam brings her love of the insignificant world to the forefront, where it takes on a curious appeal.

Image Attached: Hyphae I: Steel, paper, waxed linen thread, ink: 64” x 14” x 14"”:

Pam Fortner, Hyphae I

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