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SYNC Art Gallery Presents 'Convergence'

Exhibition Statement

Lisa Calzavara announces her new exhibition, ‘Convergence,’ opening at Sync Gallery in the Santa Fe Arts District on August 19th and continuing through September 11th.

In this show, Calzavara explores different ways to capture and depict movement. She embraces the manipulation of shapes and colors as they coalesce into forms. These spontaneous creations depict pivotal moments of time when forces are united and coalesce into new structures infused with energy.

Calzavara notes, “when I was growing up, I loved to watch water flowing through a stream. The momentum was hypnotic as water swelled over submerged rocks and raced through channels. My artwork today tries to capture that energy by utilizing contrasting vibrant colors and merging shapes which collide into thought provoking forms. I’ve embraced the spontaneity of the moment with emphasis on allowing the kinetic energy to expand in different directions.

Image: Cyclone - Oil on Canvas - 30” x 36”

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