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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Cross Currents

Exhibition Statement

Fine artist Phyllis Rider has created this series using a variety of materials and techniques. She delights in the challenges and discoveries that occur in the moment of creation. In this series she has worked with colored inks on rice paper, allowing her to incorporate a vivid range of colors, vibrant washes and gestural lines, and to combine them with images from stone stamps of her own design. Each piece is mounted on printmaking paper and run through an etching press to stabilize the delicate rice paper (in a process similar to chine-collé.) Rider’s work is inspired by memories, nostalgia, and the vibrant colors and visual esthetics encountered in her travels throughout Asia. She strives in her art to create serenity in a busy world, a place to rest the eye and, for a while, to dream. Charlie Walter’s work in Cross Currents is of an abstract nature consisting of paintings in Oils/Cold Wax, Encaustic and Mixed Media. Charlie started as an abstract photographer many years ago and has recently expanded his artistic medium. Rarely does Charlie start a painting with a concept in mind. He begins by applying paint of some type to a ground, along with mark making. He lets the piece guide him to a definite focal point and once the surface starts to develop shape and form, he begins to be channeled in a specific direction. It is at this point that he will make a decision on how to proceed, working the piece to completion. Charlie Walter was a SYNC contributing artist in 2020 and was accepted as a member of SYNC in January of 2021. His last six years was spent as a member of the NEXT Gallery located in Lakewood, CO. Currently he considers his work to be contemporary abstract expressionism with a strong bit of experimentation thrown in.

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