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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Kristy Smith

“There is no path.  The path is made by walking” Antonio Machado

Something catches your eye and you have to step off the well known route to see and experience what is there.  Kristy Smith’s paintings are such off-road journeys for her and for the viewer.  Off-road may be a color or the addition of a different medium or a different way of using the paint.  Each painting is an exploration of a moment, finding a way to express what draws her in new directions. Like path-making, Kristy’s work develops as she moves into painting, spontaneously responding to the colors and shapes on the canvas.  There is no right or wrong way to go because there is no definite destination other than the resolution of the work into its own moment of completeness. The finished work is a celebration in color, line, and shape, found in life’s complex beauty. 

Image Attached: Kristy K. Smith; L’Chaim—to Life!  36” W x 48”H;  Mixed media;

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