SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Lois R. Lupica

While Lois R. Lupica’s background as a law professor and advocate is in the literal and concrete, her artwork is the antithesis of literal. When making art, her thoughts are suspended, and instinct and passion take over. Lupica’s abstractions rely on images, form, color, tone, scale and dimension, tripping a range sentiments in viewers. Lupica’s cold wax pieces are expressions of light emerging from the darkness, with imagery subsumed by subtle tones and texture.  Her encaustic work reflects bold color, tonal contrast, relief patterns, and are reflective of a strong physical interaction with materials. Blowtorches, heat guns, scrapers and brushes are used as tools to both add and subtract pigmented wax. Lupica’s fine art pieces are both communicative and aesthetic. She believes being surrounding by beautiful and provocative art makes life better.

Image Attached: Lois R. Lupica: The End of Conflict; 24” x 24”; Cold Wax on Cradleboard:

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