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SYNC Art Gallery Presents New Works by Kristy Smith & Helene Strebel

Exhibition Statement

Kristy Smith’s New Works are inspired by ordinary things in nature: prairie grasses, small leaves and flowers. Everything, no matter how small contains and radiates the sacred energy of life. Pay attention and the life force that flows in and among all things is revealed.

Kristy Smith’s work celebrates the presence of life’s sacred spirit in and all around us. While there are a few paintings in her usual, vibrantly colored abstract style, the majority of this body of work is smaller and meditative. Using minimal color and repeated, rhythmic lines, each painting focuses on the uniqueness of an individual grass stem or a single leaf and the universal, animating energy emanating through them. Kristy’s work is a reminder that there is nothing ordinary about the ordinary. It is an invitation to savor and honor the luminous joy of the spirit/energy in which we are continuously immersed.

Image: Grass Energy – Watercolor & Ink, 18 x 24

Helene Strebel’s abstract contemporary paintings are a reflection of external forces’ impact on her inner creativity. This visual manifestation is a very abstract way of confronting the world.

A painter like Helen spends most of her time alone in her studio; it is necessary for her to have that solitary time to create. Helene strongly feels the duty to be true to her vision. This duty goes hand in hand with compassion.

image: Get Ready -- Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 36

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