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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Pamela Gilmore Hake

Exhibition Statement:

EarthNotes are quiet whispers into the creative soul of Pamela Gilmore Hake. It might be the rocks, the vegetation, the sky, or the creatures on Earth that stir her to create a visual diary of these Earthly whispers. It is a call to the sacred connection.  

Pamela stays in touch with her creative connection using painting and drawing tools. She works abstractly starting with charcoal or graphite marks and intuitively moving paint through the charcoal. For her it is like a stream of water running through rock and dirt or a storm building in the summer. The outcome or resolution of the process becomes its own beauty and connection to the original EarthNote. 

While in the process of creating is a personal journey, the finished painting becomes a new connection to the viewer.The viewer may not know where Pamela has been but may find a place they might want to be or might have already been.

Image: Pamela Gilmore Hake; "Moab Calling”; acrylic and charcoal on watercolor paper, 30" x 22:

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