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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Patricia Rucker

Exhibition Statement:

Patricia Rucker’s work, while experimental, is inspired by the richness of nature. She draws from the abundance of images that wake up her eyes and stir her heart. For Pat, it could be the exquisite detail in a closeup of a slice of jasper that informs a vast perspective. The process of erosion that creates texture and movement is used to animate a surface. The remnants of thunderstorm spark a dramatic abstraction. Staying open to the experience of the earth is the stimulus for Rucker. The opulence of the acrylic medium supports her intention to connect technique with her personal visual language. For Patricia, it is a dance of the spirit, the hand, and the media that brings her images alive. 

Image: Patricia Rucker; "The Griffin's Lair; Acrylic on TerraSkin; 18 x 40”;

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