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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Sandy Marvin

Title: "Peace Like a River"

Exhibition Statement:

The collection of paintings in this show reflects Sandy Marvin’s connection to the beauty of the natural environment. Many of these paintings are done en plein air in Colorado. More than grand vistas, Sandy is drawn to intimate environments, such as river banks and forests, places where she finds peace and timeless beauty.

All of these works are created in soft pastel with other mediums, such as watercolor and water-soluble pencil. Sandy studies a scene, looking for strong abstract shapes and design. She begins a painting by establishing the underlying design and then builds the painting using layers of color and line to evoke the experience felt being in that place.

The goal of a plein air painting is to capture the essence of what one sees and feels at a particular time in a particular place. A successful painting will communicate that to the viewer.


Sandy Marvin; “Peace Like a River”; Pastel 6x8”;

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