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SYNC Art Gallery Presents: Susan Merriman

Exhibition Statement:

All the elements of the Earth come together in Susan Merriman’s EarthNotes. From the tiny to the enormous, she is emotionally moved by the beauty of natural things, so much so that these emotions cannot be held inside. Liquid or solid, light or dark, colorful or bland, calm or energetic, these elements give Susan a soothing freedom to lose all her inner inhibitions to be able to express her love of Mother Nature visually. She fully realizes also, that all of the supplies that she uses to create, come from the Earth---pigments, substrates, tools, and inspiration---all from the earth.

Her love and appreciation of these EarthNotes will go forward through her creations, so that others may see her viewpoint and enjoy her interpretations.   

Image: Susan Merriman; "I'm Special”; Acrylic on canvas; 36 x 48”;

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