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SYNC Gallery Presents CONTINUITY by Pamela Hake & Lois Lupica

Exhibition Statement

Continuity represents a continual existence of art in the heart of Pamela Gilmore Hake. Nothing in our society from politics to the pandemic can take this consistent feeling from her. Visual communication has been an important part of human existence for thousands of years and will continue for future times. For her, these challenging times have made visual communication even more important. Harsh, hurtful words have become so prevalent that she finds peace in using art elements to communicate. As the artist Agnes Martin once said, “Beauty speaks a message to us.” Pamela’s work starts with scribbled lines to express her feelings. She then starts to weave them together with paint. The lines give direction to her thoughts at the she touches the painting surface, and the paint follows the path set for it. It becomes a dance of the head, hand, and heart to bring together primal marks for her visual message.

Image: Ever Changing - Acrylic and Acrylic Ink on Paper, 30" x22"

Lois R. Lupica’s Cold Wax + Oil and Encaustic works adhere to the Law of Continuity – a Gestalt psychology principle where multiple elements in a painting are unified on a linear path. The invisible lines sweep around, link multiple elements and result in movement and unity. Lupica’s paintings in Continuity also represent the idea of developmental resolution – the progressive, incremental, and continuous process of adding and subtracting. Multiple layers of translucent color are applied and then removed, leaving hints, wisps and sometimes blocks of lucent color. Positive elements are reinforced and brought forward, while unproductive features are obscured or erased. The work uses colors found in the natural world: the blues and lavenders of dusk and night, the reds, yellows and golds of fall, and the greens and grays of the mountains and meadows. Images of nature are abstracted to focus the viewer on feeling the complexity of emotions that have emerged as we all connect our present to our past.

Image: The Arrival of Dusk - Cold Wax & Oil Paint = 36" x 36"

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