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SYNC Gallery Presents Special Places by Sandy Marvin and Fascination by Jean Herman

Exhibition Statement

Special Places by Sandy Marvin presents a series of landscapes. These landscapes are songs to the views that lift her heart. For Sandy, a painting is a way to capture and pass on the loveliness of a secluded spot, the grace of pine needles floating on a pond, the warmth and poignancy of the last light of day or the sparkle of sunlight on water.

These recent works, created when the plight of our world is concerning, focus on moments of beauty; places big and small that bring this artist joy and peace. She hopes they may inspire the same in viewers.

Sandy paints both en plein air and in the studio. Her primary medium is soft pastel, chosen for its glowing vibrant color, with touches of other mediums such as watercolor and oil wash.

Image: Special Places - Pastel on Paper

In Fascinations, Jean Herman explores the world through her art. Accompany Herman as she expresses her fascination with the world around her by creating unique fabric and paper collages. In her artwork, Herman is absorbed in how shapes, color and lines can express her feelings and a mood surrounding a situation, a person, or a landscape. In her current exhibit, she has interpreted these feelings in a more abstract way. Herman believes that creating art, or even looking deeply at a piece that intrigues you, can be a spiritual journey where the world and the people in it can be better understood.

Herman incorporates into her work the people she has seen and the places she has visited. Herman translates her feelings and her often overwhelmed senses through her own distinctive art form, which uses color, collage, fabric, and stitch. Color is utilized to interpret the unique range of people and places that make this world so unique.

Image: Dance or Go Crazy – Mixed Media/Fiber -- 37 x 65

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