Circle Tobacco 1
Tobacco Print 6
Untitled (Square no.3)
Untitled (Presentation)
Portrait no.3

The concept of the sacred is varied, across cultures and religions, but almost everyone seems to have a similar experience when confronted with the divine. My current body of work is a process of seeking an iconography for the contemporary spiritual. Utilizing a reductive approach, my work provides viewers with a depiction of the energy we encounter and often identify as the sacred.

I am using an experimental, alternative printmaking process, implementing the transfer of charcoal and tobacco. The pieces are hand burnished and function between the lines of printmaking and drawing. Experimentation with scale, location, and printing surface have allowed me to investigate these prints in relation to traditions of iconography.

Using these materials, I create ephemeral spaces, playing with visual vibrations which arise organically during the printmaking process. These pieces become a visual space, while simultaneously becoming a portrait of the energy of the sacred.       

Clark Valentine


Located at 931 Santa Fe Drive, 80204. In Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

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