First Sight
Farm to Table
Altered State
Charlie Walter

I considered my work abstract expressionism. I find myself experimenting with different types of substrates and materials and I greatly enjoy the freedom it lends me. My work consists of working with acrylics, resin, mixed media, photography, and oils/cold wax medium.


I work intuitively and rarely do I have a concept in mind. I start out by applying some type of medium to a ground and letting the form, shape and surface take me from there. The work in progress dictates the direction that I’m working towards and at some point, I will add mark making and small bits of interest to the equation. During my process a path will become clearer at which point I’ll steer the work in progress toward its completion. 


My thoughts concerning abstraction is creating something removed or separated from a concept or a physical object. It doesn’t tell a story. The viewer has the freedom to interpret on their own level. Everyone interprets this type of work in a completely different manner.

Creating this type of work is all about letting one’s self go, it’s an unwritten language to which I’m drawn too and will continue to explore as I push the boundaries of the materials and myself.