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Nobodys Voice But My Own
Johanna Morrell
Johanna Morrell

I am a process artist. When I begin a painting, it is usually spontaneous and gestural. I don’t know where it comes from; I just feel the brush start to move. AHA! should we call it “Ouija Art”? Occasionally I will sketch out the composition. Using homemade brushes, scrapers, unusual items that could cause texture, all appeal to me and are used. I learn as I go, allowing “mistakes” to choose the way. I want to end up with something
that hasn’t been seen before. After a few strokes, I analyze it and decide what layers will follow, what layers will pull it together. Using opaque light and translucent shadows that change when the viewer changes position is part of the message. If the piece provokes an idea or memory in the viewer, I am very happy. If it
simply stimulates a positive, immediate response, I am satisfied.


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