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Firefly Symphony
Ode to a Farmer
Celtic Light
Golden Nights, Golden Lights
North Table Mountain
Golden Nights, North Table Mountain
Golden Nights, Looking West
Looking East, Golden, Early Morning
Castle Rock, Looking South
Patricia Rucker Artist
Patricia Rucker

I have Macular Degeneration. This condition has forced me to learn to see the world and my art in different ways. Small fonts and mountains of text are a nightmare; I rely on magnifying glasses and an ORCAM to read. Bright glaring light diminish detail and leave me in a blur, stealing valuable time while re-adjusting. Early evenings reduce values to a narrow range. It is the dark of night that brings me the most joy and comfort.


We live in the foothills above Golden, Colorado Our view of the front range, and the city are candy to my eyes. At night it is a lively landscape: headlights and taillights gliding up and down Lookout Mountain, speeding traffic along Highways 6 and 58, and streetlights winking through moving trees, and the glowing reflections depending on wind and weather. This view is always changing, never the same.

These paintings have been inspired and informed by what I now see.


I begin with black gesso surface and bring the light with a transparent white added to the vibrant color of acrylics. The dance in my mind between abstraction and representational painting is exciting. I am delighted

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