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Sacred Dance
Flight of Fancy
Kristy Smith Artist
Kristy Smith

Painting is the way I stay in touch with the creative energy of life. My Paintings are dances that begin in chaos and end in beauty.


The paintings begin with a simple inspiration, such as a sound or song,  a color combination, a shape, or a pattern found in the world around me.  Once I start to put this inspiration on canvas, the paintings evolve through my intuitive, spontaneous responses to the non-verbal language of the colors and shapes before me.  There is no preconceived outcome of how I want a painting to look.  The work develops freely into its own energetic resolution and expression. I love the freedom of this process. It requires honoring and trusting what is happening minute by minute on the canvas before me. There is no right or wrong way to go because there is no definite destination other than the resolution of the work into its own moment of beauty and completeness. The finished work is a celebration in color, line, and shape of life’s complex beauty. 

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