Grandmas Stove
Denver Dazzle
Denver 16th Street
Evergreen Lakehouse
Colorado Maroon Bells 3

Photography allows me to view this very large world in a more intimate fashion. Losing track of time is not uncommon for me as I work to capture the "personality" of a subject.  The images generally reveal my passion for places that are deserted and mystical.

I've always enjoyed the old darkroom techniques that require a hands-on relationship with each photograph, but I also love the immediate feedback of digital photography. To create my original artwork, I combine photography with my love for painting by printing my photographs on watercolor paper and wood panels.  This allows me to hand paint the image to emphasize certain features. The resulting artwork has an ethereal presence, reminiscent of the age of pictorialism.   Each piece is unique and original.

I've been honored to have my work exhibited in Germany, Belgium, France, Omaha, Denver and New York.

Lynda in Studio 2.jpg
Lynda Tygart