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Elvi Bjorkquist
Elvi Bjorkquist 

Art that is non-discursive denotes not facts but expresses the forms of feeling and forms of meaning that are not able to be objectified in discursive terms or are not “sayable.” An artist creates “an expressive symbol” that is grasped in an act of “intuition. The elements exist in a relational matrix. Each mark is influenced by the last and will influence the future of the painting.

Starting with a blank canvas, I let the colors I am feeling at the moment guide me.
After I have laid my base color, I start to create layers of color and marks, using my intuition to guide me deeper into a presentation of my feelings. This offers me the ability to place multiple layers of transparent colors giving me a greater range of interesting colors and results in a greater depth to the piece. My goal is to represent the world not in a discursive manner but rather a non-discursive mode. I am interested in furthering and developing my technique, imagination and “ways of feeling” to continue to develop my artwork.

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