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Sonic myth
The Brewer
Balance in Time
Perfect Pulse
Raphael Sanchez

Exploring new techniques of casting paper, using found objects and handmade forms to create unique sculptures. Raphael is a true mixed media artist, using oil paint, acrylic paint, board, canvas, paper, glass, modeling paste, and sometimes concrete, and mixing them together in one piece, which makes Raphael pieces very distinctive and unique. The variety of sizes and finishes shows his creativity and ability to manipulate the mediums he uses to express himself. After traveling around the nation and other countries showing his art for thirty years, he decided to camp in Denver and reinvent his techniques and refresh his inner child. Active member of Denver Art Society, and former board member of The Greater Castle Rock Art Guild, Raphael found himself in a time that he describes as “a time of endless possibilities.”


While being a prolific artist who has a great respect for the past, Raphael reaches into the future without fear of experimenting with new techniques and mediums.


“My work is an abstract and figurative representation of real and imaginary subjects. I aspire to provoke the reaction of the viewer’s aesthetic sense. My inspiration comes from music, personal experience, the works of innovative artists, and the world that surrounds me.”

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