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End of Summer Joy
Washing Windows
Wyoming Super Cell #2
Union Station #11
Union Station #3
Moonrise over Denver
Grand Canyon 8029 BW
Tellico Creation
Starting to the Peak
Smoky Mountain Winter Foothills Pkwy Dragon BW
Bamberg Roof Door BW
Wyoming Sky 3615 BW
Wyoming Super Cell #3
Path to Heaven (COLOR)
Big Horn National Forest #2 BW
Beautiful Smash
Denver Orchid
Tellico Sky 2
That Hat
David CD Dixon
David C Dixon

As I try to live a life of open-mindedness, intention, peace, and love I am always trying to grow in a relationship with my Higher Power, who I now know is the creator of all. I’m beginning to see it…and photograph it too. 

Surrounding myself with art and beauty began to be a way of life and recovery for me. When I walk through my house, I want to be reminded of the beauty of the world and bring it into my home. I enjoy big windows, natural elements like wood, stone, sky & water. I also discovered the art of architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright who worked those elements into his ideas. So, my photographs, I pray will be used in your house or building to give a sense of natural beauty, light and help you recognize it in your day. As you walk by my art, I hope it stands as a reminder that there is a higher power, of the beauty that they have created, and it is everywhere...if we take a moment and look at life with a new perspective.

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