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Karin Kempe - Arc
Karin Kempe - Drylands
Karin Kempe - Dawn in the West
Karin Kempe - Blue Mountain Walking
Karin Kempe - Waterway at Dusk
Karin Kempe - Three Birds
Karin Kempe - Sea Sky
Karin Kempe - In Winter
Karin Kempe
Karin Kempe

Karin Kempe studied film and painting before working many years as a physician. She started doing art again hoping to create something beautiful capable of lifting the heart and of expressing something beyond words. For a lifelong Buddhist, making art is also a form of spiritual practice for her. As time goes on, painting feels like both a riskier and more familiar process- a balance of creative and destructive energies- as the work emerges from an unknown place with echoes of the natural world and hidden experience. Her photography pieces are composed using scanned 16 mm film; they play with and bend time and space. In either format, an essentially mysterious yet compelling quality seems to be the most important and is the place where the piece comes to rest.

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