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Burst of Spring
ClareScott - Cottonwood Dance - pastel - 9in. x 12in.
Clare Scott - Let the Sunshine In - pastel - 12in. x 12in.
Clare Scott - Cloud Descending - pastel - 9in. x 16in.
Clare Scott - Mountain - Fissure - 14in. x 14 in.
Clare Scott - Sun Cloud - Pastel 10 in. x 12in.
Clare Scott - Mountain Dawn - pastel - 20in. x 20in.
Clare Scott Artist
Clare Scott

Clare Scott, from Lafayette Colorado, is a committed soft pastel painter. This simple combination of pigment and binder allows her to focus on creating a painting that expresses her love of color. 

Painting ‘on the spot’, or en plein air informs her studio work by reminding her of the colors, shapes, atmosphere and the joy of just being in the middle of it all. She uses a painterly style of mark making that is loose and spontaneous; evoking the wonder, feeling and beauty of being outside as well as paying close attention to the  textures and designs that result from a macro view.

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