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A premiere gallery located in the Arts District of Santa Fe,

known nationally for it's arts and culture.

Thursdays: 1pm - 4pm

(3rd Friday 1-9pm)


Fridays: 1pm - 4pm

(1st Friday 1-9pm)


Saturdays:  Noon - 5pm

Sundays: 1pm - 4pm

(Last Sunday of the month 11-3pm)


or by appointment with individual artists.

SYNC Gallery presents
"Naturally Occurring"
Sandy Marvin and Nathan Dominik

April 18, 2024 through May 12, 2024

OPENING RECEPTION: FRIDAY April 19, 2024, 5 PM to 9 PM

The root of this collection of recent works by Sandy Marvin is her fascination with the grace and
beauty of the natural world. It may be the arabesque curves of a garlic scape, a sweep of grama grass
or an intimate view along a frozen creek that catches her eye and invites her to interpret her vision in a
painting. Sometimes it may also be an interesting arrangement of things, both natural and manmade.
Sandy’s paintings are layered, combining watercolor, water-soluble pencil and soft pastel. She prefers
to allow evidence of her process to remain visible in the finished work.
Nathan is a sculptural artist using various techniques and mediums with wood being his favorite. In this
Naturally Occurring exhibit, he will be using a large variety of the world's exotic and local hardwoods.
His new work will include methods such as stack lamination, block carving, and even steam bending.
Nathan’s vision for his work comes from nature or an organic interpretation of what he sees. For this
show he will be displaying pieces that uniquely portray plants, leaves, seeds and water.

Sandy Marvin show 2024
Nathan Dominik Show 2024

Nathan Dominik –"Leaves of Wonder 1, 2, & 3" - 14” x 5 ”x 5” - Various exotic hardwoods

Sandy Marvin - " A Kiss of Spring" - 12" x 9" - Pastel on paper

SYNC Gallery presents

"From Darkness to Light"


Pamela Gilmore Hake and Patricia Rucker

May 16, 2024 through June 14, 2024

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday May 17, 2024, 5 PM to 9 PM

From Darkness to Light is an exhibition by artists Pamela Gilmore Hake and Patricia

Rucker. Both artists have different approaches for addressing the concept of darkness

to light. They work with this age-old concept in a contemporary manner.

Pamela Hake has been drawn to mark making in most of her recent abstract works. Her

latest body of work continues with the concept of random marks incorporated with a love

for the elements of the Earth. She puts an abstract spin on rocks emerging, trees growing,

plants bursting into bloom, and waves breaking. All of which come from the depths of the

Earth to seek life-giving light. Her loose approach with acrylic paint and ink on canvas

creates an exciting visual glimpse of how she sees the constant movement of her environment.

For Patricia Rucker, AMD (Age-related Macular Degeneration) continues to be a journey

both as a struggle and a gift. Light is a high-key value, darkness a comfort and a

challenge. Her work reflects her personal journey to and from the extreme. The nuances

that are visible to her inner and outer eye are recorded in Rucker’s work.

Pamela Gilmore Hake Twisting Toward Light
Patricia Rucker Celtic Light Acrylic 24 x 24

Pamela Gilmore Hake -TwistingTowardLight Acrylic & Acrylic Ink  40x30

Patricia Rucker Celtic Light Acrylic 24 x 24

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