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A premiere gallery located in the

Arts District on Santa Fe in Denver Colorado

known nationally for it's arts and culture.

Thursdays: 1pm - 4pm

(3rd Friday 1-9pm)


Fridays: 1pm - 4pm

(1st Friday 1-9pm)


Saturdays:  Noon - 5pm

Sundays: 1pm - 4pm

(Last Sunday of the month 11-3pm)


or by appointment with individual artists.

SYNC Gallery presents

Lois Lupica and David C. Dixon

June 20, 2024 through July 14, 2024


Light is a universal language that speaks to the soul, revealing truths and evoking emotions

that words often fail to capture. Lupica explores the profound and multifaceted nature of light

through the mediums of encaustic and cold wax and oil. These materials, with their unique

textures and luminous qualities, allow her to delve into the essence of light and its interplay

with shadow, form, and color.

Encaustic painting, with its rich history dating back to ancient times, provides a tactile and

visceral connection to her subjects. The process of layering molten beeswax and pigment

creates depth and translucency, mimicking the way light penetrates and transforms. The ability

to fuse and carve the surface allows for a dynamic interplay of opacity and transparency,

capturing the ephemeral and ever-changing nature of light.

Cold wax and oil painting offers a different yet complementary approach. The creamy, matte

finish of cold wax mixed with oil paint enables Lupica to build textures and layers that echo the

subtle gradations of light and shadow. This medium allows for a more meditative exploration of

light's softer, more diffuse qualities, creating works that invite contemplation and introspection.

In this exhibition, Lupica is inspired by the ways light interacts with the natural world—how it

dances across water, filters through trees, or casts long shadows at dawn and dusk. Each

piece is an attempt to capture a fleeting moment, a transient beauty that invites the viewer to

pause and reflect. The interplay of light and dark in her work mirrors the contrasts of life itself,

offering a visual meditation on presence and absence, clarity and obscurity.

David C. Dixon focuses this series “LIGHT” on the Minimalist photography definition of featuring a single subject with nature as the background, or nature itself as both background and subject. He uses common motifs in his minimalist works including geometric or repeating patterns, contrast in lines and texture, and emphasized depth and distance. Using this last element is often used to express a feeling of vastness and to try and capture the feeling of being in an incredibly open space in nature. In this series he captures fleeting moments created by the ever-changing and always present power in our universe…Light.

Lois Lupica Dusk Cold Wax Oil Cradleboard.jpg

Lois Lupica Dusk Cold Wax Oil Cradleboard 

DCD Dixon Silver Lining 2 30x40.jpg

DCD Dixon Silver Lining 2 30x40 

2024 Pam Pat and Nathan.jpg

Call for Artists


  • 2-person show once a year

  • Space in the members gallery for a small work all year

  • Social media and Website marketing

  • Interchange of ideas with fellow artists

  • Discount on any classes or juried shows within the gallery

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