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Exhibition runs September 17th through October 10th, 2020.

Earth Notes are quiet whispers into the creative soul of Pamela Gilmore Hake. It might be the rocks, the vegetation, the sky, or the creatures on Earth that stir her to create a visual diary of these Earthly whispers. It is a call to the sacred connection.  


Pamela stays in touch with her creative connection using painting and drawing tools. She works abstractly starting with charcoal or graphite marks and intuitively moving paint through the charcoal. For her it is like a stream of water running through rock and dirt or a storm building in the summer. The outcome or resolution of the process becomes its own beauty and connection to the original EarthNote. 


While in the process of creating is a personal journey, the finished painting becomes a new connection to the viewer. The viewer may not know where Pamela has been but may find a place they might want to be or might have already been.

All the elements of the Earth come together in Susan Merriman’s EarthNotes.  From the tiny to the enormous, she is emotionally moved by the beauty of natural things, so much so that these emotions cannot be held inside.  Liquid or solid, light or dark, colorful or bland, calm or energetic, these elements give Susan a soothing freedom to lose all her inner inhibitions to be able to express her love of Mother Nature visually.  She fully realizes also, that all of the supplies that she uses to create, come from the Earth---pigments, substrates, tools, and inspiration---all from the earth.


Her love and appreciation of these EarthNotes will go forward through her creations, so that others may see her viewpoint and enjoy her interpretations.

Patricia Rucker’s work, while experimental, is inspired by the richness of nature. She draws from the abundance of images that wake up her eyes and stir her heart.  For Pat, it could be the exquisite detail in a closeup of a slice of jasper that informs a vast perspective. The process of erosion that creates texture and movement is used to animate a surface.  The remnants of thunderstorm spark a dramatic abstraction. Staying open to the experience of the earth is the stimulus for Rucker.


The opulence of the acrylic medium supports her intention to connect technique with her personal visual language.  For Patricia, it is a dance of the spirit, the hand, and the media that brings her images alive.

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Please note that there may be tentative closings or changes in dates, due to policies suggested by the Art District of Santa Fe, with the support of the Santa Fe Business Improvement District which is making an effort to follow the CDC and the Colorado Department of Public Health's recommendations. 

SYNC Gallery is an artist operated gallery consisting of 20 members.

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