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This series of photographs emanates from Tiana Graves' observations of home interiors photographed during the midst of an estate sale. Oftentimes, rooms, filled with decades worth of collections and personal belongings, are progressively fragmented and sold while she works. The images comment on the passage of time in regard to the object and how that object becomes a relic and represents eras of a life. The photographs conserve memory of places and times not of her own. They are attempts to highlight her connection to these places while seeking ways to preserve what is left of them.

In his 2021 Sync Gallery exhibition, James C. Jones takes the opportunity to highlight new and previous artwork that juxtaposes wood grain with digital printing, watercolors and ink. James’ non-traditional and unique method of creating art has been an evolutionary process over the last 6 years, but his art remains true to the task of asking the viewer to look deeper into one’s self for clarity, peace, and insight.

Ethan’s work in jewelry and painting utilizes line, form, space, and texture to create aesthetically pleasing compositions. While Ethan often references Art Deco and the Bauhaus school, his work focuses on craft and technique and is formalist in nature. The viewer is able to experience the work from multiple angles, allowing them to understand it with greater comprehension. The true beauty of these mediums is expressed through innovative experimentation and the making of his own tools and techniques. Ethan asks, “What if I modify this technique in a certain way and how will that change the outcome?”. 

This exhibition runs January 14th through February 13th, 2020.

There will not be Third Friday or First Friday evening events at this time.

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Please note that there may be tentative closings or changes in dates, due to policies suggested by the Art District of Santa Fe, with the support of the Santa Fe Business Improvement District which is making an effort to follow the CDC and the Colorado Department of Public Health's recommendations. 

SYNC Gallery is an artist operated gallery consisting of 20 members.

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Located at 931 Santa Fe Drive, 80204. In Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

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