SYNC Gallery presents “Explorations” with Jean Herman, Lois Lupica, and Helene Strebel

Herman explores her world through her art.  Accompany Jean Herman on her explorations, a spiritual journey where the world and the people in it are better understood through art. 

In “Explorations” Herman’s art interprets the people she has seen and their various cultures. Herman translates her feelings and her often overwhelmed senses through her own distinctive art form, which uses color, collage, fabric, and stitch.  She uses color  to express the unique range of people and places that make this world so unique.

While Lois R. Lupica’s background in law, technology and advocacy is in the literal and concrete, her artwork is the antithesis of literal. When making art, her thoughts are suspended, and instinct and passion take over. Lupica’s abstractions rely on images, form, color, tone, scale and dimension, tripping a range sentiments in viewers. 


Lupica’s cold wax pieces are expressions of light emerging from the darkness, with imagery subsumed by subtle tones and texture.  Her encaustic work reflects bold color, tonal contrast, relief patterns, and are reflective of a strong physical interaction with materials. Blowtorches, heat guns, scrapers and brushes are used as tools to both add and subtract pigmented wax. Lupica’s fine art pieces are both communicative and aesthetic.  

An artist has the ability at every moment to give from the inner creative process through which the work comes to be. What ever happens outside affects one’s inside.


Helene is a painter who reflects those outside forces in a totally visual way. It’s a very abstract way of confronting the world.


A painter like Helene spends most of her time alone in her studio.  It is necessary for her to have that solitary time to create.


The duty has to be true to her vision, and the duty goes hand-in-hand with compassion, which means doing what Helene likes to do best—being creative.


Helene’s abstract - contemporary paintings are painted exclusively with acrylic paint.

Exhibition runs November 19th through December 12th, 2020

Fridays: 1pm - 4pm


Saturdays:  noon - 4pm

Sundays: 1pm - 4pm


and always by appointment

Please note that there may be tentative closings or changes in dates, due to policies suggested by the Art District of Santa Fe, with the support of the Santa Fe Business Improvement District which is making an effort to follow the CDC and the Colorado Department of Public Health's recommendations. 

SYNC Gallery is an artist operated gallery consisting of 20 members.

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Located at 931 Santa Fe Drive, 80204. In Denver's Art District on Santa Fe.

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